Booking Form for La Bergerie, TRAUSSE
Please complete sections 1 - 10 & keep a copy for yourself.

1. Name/s of couple/family booking _________________________________________________________

This house is suitable for a family or three/four couples.

2. Names of extra person/couple to join you.__________________________________________________

3. My booking is for ______________ week/s

4. Start date from 3 pm on  __________________ 5. To before 11am on (date) ______________________

6. Please advise us of your home departure date so that keys and directions/instructions
will be sent to your address in time._________________________________________________________

7. The address for delivery of keys and instructions:_____________________________________________


__________________________Phone No._________________Email. __________________

8. Any contact details in Europe near to the time of arrival in Trausse.______________________


I understand the need to strictly adhere to the TERMS and CONDITIONS on the back of this form (if posted) or the BOOKING CONDiTiONS on this web site.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT. We accept electronic transfer to our account, AUD$ cheque or Overseas bank draft to be made out to S & M Capper & posted to: S & M Capper, PO Box 609, Mosman, NSW 2088 Australia. For further details contact Marilyn on +61 411 478 277 or email

9. A transfer/cheque for: (Please circle the applicable A, B or C as set out below and D, E, F, G or H)

A) 50% Deposit. Which is half of your time booked. e.g. One week will be $615 or with another couple $815. Two weeks will be $1230 or with another couple $1630. $________ B) Full payment. Which is all of your time booked______
+ Key Deposit_________ Please note*
= Total _________________
C) The Final Payment of $
  + Key deposit -----Please note*
  = Total----------------
  is due on ____________
Per week or part thereof
D) 1 Family (1 couple or 1 adult with children under 18)
E) 1 Couple
F) 1 extra adult
G) 2 extra adults
H) Heating (November to March) per week.


*.50 Euro cents Tourist tax per adult/night will be deducted from your key deposit that is returned to you.  
10. Signed and agreed by __________________________Date:___________________

Please keep a copy of this form for your own use.    Booking Conditions