If you are coming to France with the idea of buying a house we can help. We provide the following:

  • Minimum 2 weeks accommodation in 1 of the houses 28 Rue des Remparts or 45 Rue des Remparts that areon this site
  • Introductions to several agents in the area that we know are reliable
  • Explanation of the legal system and introduction to a lawyer
  • 2 half day tours of the area showing good villages and flood prone areas of other villages
  • Introduction to a project manager who can help in house renovation and inspection (her costs not included)
  • Information on the shops, antique markets and renovation yards.
  • Explanation of taxes and council rates
  • Introduction to people that can help set up phone services, electricity and local builders/tradesman and cleaners.

The cost of this is AUD$2,900, (about US$3,000 or UK £1,860) with the same terms etc as the booking conditions. The service must be booked in advance when the houses are booked. All information will be provided during the 2 weeks and no other services or advice is available after the completion of the 2 weeks.

For services after the 2 weeks e.g. translations, setting up phone/broadband, or property inspections need to be organized with the people that we will introduce you to.